Internal medicine physicians care for a wide range of conditions, from colds and flu to diabetes and arthritis pain.


Stay healthier and live longer with preventative health screenings and proactive medical care.

Internal Medicine

The heart and soul of the practice

Internal Medicine encompasses a very wide range of topics. It is medicine for adults and covers all the ailments that adults can present with. Being able to provide evidence based medicine is both a challenge and a privileged. I enjoy being able to talk to patients about their disease and remedies. I don’t see my role as simply a prescribe of medications but rather using my knowledge to educate patients about their disease and treatments. Sometimes those remedies include herbal supplements. When patients take these supplements, there is a simple question to ask, where is the evidence that whatever substance they are taking actually works. Any good scientific study will account for those situations where a person improves but that has nothing to do with the treatment. Medical studies will show that in placebo group, x number of patients improved, in the treatment group y number of patient improved. A treatment is valid if y is bigger than x.

Because of the wide range of diseases, internal medicine allows for

  • life long learning.
  • Life long learning
  • Evidence based Medicine

About Dr. Qais Wahidi

Growing up in West Sacramento, I always wanted to be a doctor. I was delighted to find out that I was going to University of the Pacific for my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. After obtaining my degree from UOP, I wanted to continue towards my goal and went to Chicago for my masters in physiology. While at Chicago Medical School, I began to gravitate towards internal medicine because it is always a challenge and provides for life long learning. After completing my residency, I moved back home to Folsom where I have worked as a hospitalist for the past 6 years.