Internal Medicine

The heart and soul of our practice is internal medicine

Internal Medicine encompasses a very wide range of topics. It is medicine for patients who are 16-years-old or older, and covers all the ailments that adults can be present with.

Being able to provide evidence-based medicine is both a challenge and a privilege. I enjoy being able to talk to patients about their disease and remedies. I don’t see my role as simply a prescribe of medications but rather using my knowledge to educate patients about their disease and treatments.

Sometimes those remedies include herbal supplements. When patients take these supplements, there is a simple question to ask, where is the evidence that whatever substance they are taking actually works.

Any good scientific study will account for those situations where a person improves but that has nothing to do with the treatment. Medical studies will show that in placebo group, x number of patients improved, in the treatment group y number of patient improved. A treatment is valid if y is bigger than x.

Because of the wide range of diseases, internal medicine allows for:

  • Life-long Learning
  • Evidence-based Medicine

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