About Us

About Us

About Meena Medical Group

The first thing one should know about Meena Medical Group is that it’s our goal to be a place where patients feel welcomed and their care is organized from a central location. In that spirit, our medical clinic is designed so that it is technologically advanced to ensure that your information is organized. Even greater emphasis has been placed on keeping that technology working in the background so that it does not interfere with the patient and physician relationship.

Our Mission

The mission is simple, to provide a place where patients get the kind of care that we would want for ourselves and our families. We apply this mission to all of our services: primary care, internal medicine, and aesthetic.

Our Passion

In healthcare, information is important, but organized information is critical. With that goal in mind, Meena Medical Group has EPIC as its EMR. It is considered the gold standard in electronic medical records. It provides the ability to organize information in a seamless way so that the physician is able to focus on the patient rather than the computer. Patients have access to their records, and are able to update information from anywhere and even schedule appointments for themselves.

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